About design

Function is a cornerstone of design, but just like love is much more than the reproduction instinct, design is much more than just a solution to a particular problem. We appreciate design not only for its practical purpose, but also for what it communicates to us, for the emotions it creates, for the memories it awakes – for the story it tells us.

To tell this story, the designer appeals to both sense and sensibility, and the function becomes poetry.

It is this poetry we fall in love with.

About the designer

Aleksej Iskos was born in Ukraine and since 1991 lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.

Since 2010 co-founder and partner of Iskos-Berlin Design.

In 2018 established Iskos Design.

Companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with

To get in touch, try this:
Phone +45 28 79 66 72
Email aleksej@iskos.dk


Should you wish to visit my studio, the address is
Birkedommervej 33, 2400 Copenhagen NV


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